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Judicial Evaluation

What People are Saying

quotations - grey …an asset to the citizens of Tarrant County.
quotations - grey …an excellent reputation as a member of the judiciary and for her volunteer work throughout the community.
quotations - grey  …a role model to young lawyers, fostering their development and contributing to the profession and the community.
quotations - grey  …making a difference in our community and in the lives of our future women leaders.
quotations - grey  …great compassion for people, a good legal mind and an abundance of common sense.
quotations - grey  …a treasure.

What Attorneys Say

Tarrant County Bar Association 2013 Judicial Evaluation Results – Judge Bonnie Sudderth

Judge Bonnie Sudderth Judicial Review c5 '13

Judge Bonnie Sudderth Judicial Review c1 '13

Judge Bonnie Sudderth Judicial Review c7 '13

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